Save Honey Hill’s response to the Phase 2 Consultation

Here is the official response from the Save Honey Hill group to the Phase Two consultation of the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation proposal (CWWTPR). The response has been sent to Anglian Water and they have confirmed receipt.

The consultation ends tomorrow, but it’s not too late to add feedback. Even if you have submitted a response using Anglian Water’s form, they will still accept emails and letters. Anglian Water have confirmed these will be counted and accepted. Their interactive map will also be accepting comments and “likes” up until the end of tomorrow. It only takes a few minutes to go like comments you agree with. It only takes a few minutes more to enter comments about various parts of the proposal.

One Reply to “Save Honey Hill’s response to the Phase 2 Consultation”

  1. It is not apparent on the map just how badly impacted the nearby listed buildings at Biggin Abbey and the surrounding conservation area (including public footpaths and by ways) will be by this proposal.

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