Preparing for Anglian Water’s resubmission to the Planning Inspectorate

UPDATE: 2nd May 2023 Anglian Water have resubmitted their application.

Following Anglian Water’s Development Consent Order (DCO) application submission to the Planning Inspectorate, and the subsequent withdrawal, members of Save Honey Hill’s Strategy Team have been working with our barristers to prepare our response to Anglian Water’s resubmission of its application to the Planning Inspectorate

Thanks to the generosity of donors and three Parish Councils, a KC and her junior have advised on the main areas for objection. Despite not knowing the detail of Anglian Water’s application, we have been drafting Representations which we will update, again with advice from the barristers, if and when the Planning Inspectorate accepts the application at which time the final documents will be published. We understand from Anglian Water that there will be approximately 200 associated documents and about 100 of those will contain new information. So, there will continue to be a lot of work to do in responding to the application. Each team member is focusing on specific areas of objection which include:

  • that building on Green Belt is not acceptable under national or local Green Belt policies,
  • that support for the relocation in the adopted and emerging Local Plans is flawed and does not comply with the 2021 Minerals and Waste Local Plan,
  • that Cambridge housing and employment needs can be met without the relocation,
  • that the proposal will cause unnecessary carbon expenditure, both in its construction and in the demolition of the existing plant,
  • that the original site selection process was inadequate and Anglian Water did not consider retaining the plant at the current site.

Other issues include design, impact on the historic setting of Cambridge and the local conservation areas, odour mitigation, access and traffic management.

Save Honey Hill has made these objections clear in previous consultations and by setting them out in our Representations we want to be recognised by the Planning Inspectorate as a key Interested Party and thus have the opportunity to be present at hearings.