Phase 2 consultation. – ends Wednesday 18th August.

Now that Anglian Water have selected Honey Hill to be the site for their new sewage works they are consulting on mitigation measures to make this industrial site fit nicely in between the villages of Horningsea and Fen Ditton. They have even asked if we want a visitors centre for people to be welcomed to the sewage works… NO!!!

There is little time left to Have Your Say as the Phase 2 Consultation will end on the 18th of August.

It is extremely important that as many residents as possible have their say. Without feedback they will count their pennies and mitigation measures will be minimal! The Save Honey Hill group have written some suggestions for filling in the questionnaire if you need some help on our website. You will find a direct link to the consultation form there.

Here’s the official response from the Save Honey Hill group.

Please do respond to the CWWTPR Phase Two Consultation:

  • Emailing questions to Anglian Water at
  • Making lots of comments on its interactive map by visiting the digital engagement platform
  • Completing a feedback form per person not per household
  • Asking at least two friends to do all of the above.

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    1. There must be land away from houses / homes of people that can be compulsory purchased to avoid unnecessary problems for years to come ….

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