Links to other groups

The Save Honey Hill Group is always keen to create links with other groups both locally and nationally who like us are keen to protect the Green Belt and keep developers in check.

Here are a selection of bodies who have offered their support to our campaign so far or at the very least have expressed their concerns about the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation (CWWTPR) and the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP) which drives it:

Responses from other groups to CWWTPR

Phase One Consultation (08 July – 14 September 2020)

Responses from other groups to North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP)

Local groups

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough branch of CPRE 

“We campaign nationally and locally for positive solutions for the long-term future of the countryside. Nationally, we produce in-depth research and sound arguments to press the government, Parliament and other decision-makers to support the countryside – by safeguarding precious Green Belts, promoting urban renewal and restricting development on greenfield sites, campaigning for the protection of our most important national landscapes as well as the countryside on our doorstep.”

Friends of the Cam 

Friends of the Cam are a Cambridge based campaigning group committed to restoring the health of the river Cam and its tributaries for the benefit of nature. We are pledged to ending pollution of the river and overabstraction linked to unsustainable growth in the area. We have developed a charter to express these commitments which we invite others to sign.

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