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CWWTPR Stage 2 Consultation

It’s that time again. Anglian Water have selected Honey Hill to be the site for their new sewage works and the multiple 26 metre high digester towers that go with it! Its Phase 2 Consultation period started on the 23rd June and runs until August 18th.1 …and it’s not just the height, the area will be equivalent to the size of Horningsea village  2 

Read our press release for our initial thoughts on the consultation documents and if you need even more motivation then read this report from the Environment Agency on “Water and sewerage companies in England: environmental performance report for 2019”.

A map showing the sewage works site, Horningsea and Fen Ditton.
Where they plan to put it!

Have your Say

Although we very much hoped there will be an opportunity for people to state their overall opposition to the relocation , the Phase 2 Consultation is primarily about mitigation on the basis that the sewage works is moving to Honey Hill. The Phase 2 feedback form is forcing you to answer in a certain way, but you can have your say in any of the ‘Other’ sections. We have written some suggestions for filling in the questionnaire if you need some help. There are also some regular gazebo days where SHH volunteers are trying to show what’s really going to be built without the spin.

The Save Honey Hill Campaign will continue to fight the relocation at all other opportunities but for now this consultation is about having your say regarding issues such as positioning, traffic, lighting (at night), noise pollution, odour, design, screening, impact on wildlife and environment and so much more.

Only one feedback questionnaire has been delivered to each household. All adults wishing to complete a questionnaire are entitled to do so. You can request more questionnaires from Anglian Water or from SHH or complete it online.

We will do our best to publicise all public meetings in a timely manner on social media and via email.

Where can you find out more?

There is an exhibition of material in St Peter’s Church, Horningsea. The church is open on Wednesdays and Sundays. A number of public meetings will be held. Again as soon as dates and locations are known we will publish them on here.

Last chance for mitigation…. 

This will be our best chance to give official feedback to Anglian Water.

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