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Update 17th April 2024: As the Planning Inspectorate’s Examination Period has now ended we are currently suspending fundraising activities.

Anglian Water Sewage Works Relocation

Right under our noses, a Crime against our environment is taking place. Anglian Water is preparing an application to move a fully-functioning sewage works less than a mile to a new location on arable farmland in the Green Belt at Honey Hill between the villages of Fen Ditton, Horningsea and Quy. They are doing this with £227 million of public money too1.

  • Our world-renowned City of Cambridge is being shamed by Anglian Water and Cambridge City and South Cambs District Councils. Anglian Water says the plant is only required by the councils for housing2. Which conversely the councils say can be built elsewhere.
  • This Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) is the first of its kind3! Never before has a new waste water treatment plant been built where a fully operational one already exists.
  • In this time of Climate Emergency, it is shameful that a carbon heavy project on this scale should be happening anywhere let alone in Cambridge with its world-leading reputation for education and innovative science and technology, and in a city that can claim the most severe level of water scarcity, arguably contributed to by climate change.
  • Budget basement design for the proposed new site which will be visible for miles and be totally out of keeping with our historic rural landscape.
  • In this time of threats to food security, it is equally shameful to contemplate building on agricultural land.
  • No new technology will be used for the proposed new sewage works which will be visible for miles and be totally out of keeping with our historic rural landscape.

It is not a done deal!

Anglian Water will submit its application later this year to the Planning Inspectorate. Provided the application is accepted, interested parties will have 28 days to prepare their objections.

Save Honey Hill will challenge Anglian Water’s application and for this it will need legal advice in its preparation and legal representation for when the Planning Inspectorate holds a hearing.

A target of £50,000 has been set to cover the cost of the required legal expertise.

This is our last chance to stop the relocation. Please donate whatever you can (no amount is too small):

By BACS transfer or online faster payment:

“Save Honey Hill Group” sort code 52-10-46, account number 25766430 (it is a business account).

Cash or cheque

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Thank you!

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