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Anglian Water’s third and final consultation on the Sewage Works relocation (CWWTPR)

Anglian Water has scheduled the Phase 3 Consultation for the 24th February to the 27th April 2022. All residents will have the chance to comment. Those comments will go to the Planning Inspectors. Everything the Save Honey Hill group does is aimed at derailing the application to relocate the plant to Green Belt at Honey Hill. However, this consultation is a real chance to get over to them our objections and, if the application is agreed, to lessen the effects on our communities. This is also the final consultation before Anglian Water submit their Development Consent Order application to the Planning Inspectorate.

As the Save Honey Hill group work through the consultation we will keep these pages updated. For now you can see the meetings, online or in person, that Anglian Water have scheduled.

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The Save Honey Hill Campaign will continue to fight the relocation at all opportunities but we will also fight for residents to have their say on issues such as positioning, traffic, lighting (at night), noise pollution, odour, design, screening, impact on wildlife and environment and so much more.

We will do our best to publicise all consultations and public meetings in a timely manner on social media and via email.

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