DCO Hearings – Livestreams of Issue Specific Hearing 4 and 5 now available to watch

The livestreams and transcripts of Issue Specific Hearing 4 (13/14th March 2024) and Issue Specific Hearing 5 (9th April 2024) have been published by the PINS and are now available to watch/read.

As with previous hearings, they were broken up into multiple sessions and each recording is of a single session. Also, as with all previous hearings, representatives from Save Honey Hill spent many long days preparing for these hearings and asked pertinent and probing questions throughout.

The Planning Inspectorate’s Examination Period ends on the 17th April and the final deadline for submissions is 23:59, 12th April 2024.

Issue Specific Hearing 4 (ISH4) 13/14 March 2024

ISH4 dealt with the draft Development Consent Order and environmental matters.

Issue Specific Hearing 5 (ISH5) 9 April 2024

ISH5 dealt with traffic and transport related matters.

Notes on Transcripts

“This document is intended to assist Interested Parties, it is not verbatim. The content is produced using artificial intelligence voice to text and is unedited. The video recording remains as the primary record of the event.”