Cambridge Friends of the Earth Enviroment Hustings 11th June 2024

Cambridge Friends of the Earth organised the Cambridge Hustings on Tuesday 11th June 2024. The event was sold out with 212 attendees.

Save Honey Hill attended and asked the panel:

“The proposed new sewage works at Honey Hill between Fen Ditton and Horningsea, if allowed to go ahead, will be at least the size of Wembley Stadium; the carbon cost of demolishing the old site, of pouring millions of tonnes of concrete on a principal chalk aquifer, of pumping sewage uphill to Honey Hill etc. is immeasurable and as yet unquantified. Homes England has recently awarded Anglian Water an extra £50 million on top of the £227 million already granted, proof as if it was needed that funding issues exist and costs are already spiralling out of control.

If climate change should be at the heart of planning and new developments, can the panel agree that moving a fully functioning sewage works with capacity for the growing population of Cambridge to a principal chalk aquifer on green belt in order to create a brownfield site is a bonkers idea of the highest order?”

Save Honey Hill
Catherine from SHH getting enthusiastic applause for her question on Honey Hill (video from Antony Carpen)

There was rapturous applause from the audience and members of the panel. This was followed by many comments on social media.

The opening speeches from the panelists (via Antony Carpen)