Estimated timetable for Anglian Water’s DCO application for the relocation of the Cambridge Sewage Works CWWTPR) to Greenbelt

Below are the likely dates of the DCO Application and Examinations programme. This timetable is Save Honey Hill’s estimation based on what Anglian Water and the Planning Inspectorate have said so far. However, the dates are entirely dependent on Anglian Water’s submission and on what the Planning Inspectorate does subsequently.

UPDATE 31st Jan 2023: Anglian Water have just put their application in. The hard work starts!

Update: 23rd Feb 2023: Anglian Water have withdrawn their application. We do not know why, but this is normal for DCO applications and we fully expect it to be resubmitted at some point. So the dates below are all incorrect.

Update: May 2, 2023 : Anglian Water have resubmitted their DCO application. The timetable starts afresh! The dates below will be updated when we learn more.

AW submits DCO application 31st January 2023
Application accepted by PINS and documents published early March 2023
Register as interested party and make relevant representation likely by end April 2023
Preliminary meeting and examination timetable published likely in June 2023
DCO timetable

Examination will include:

Written representation submission probably September 2023
Hearings (Open floor, issue specific and compulsory acquisition) probably October 2023 to December 2023
Site inspectionsprobably October 2023 to January 2024
Examination completedFebruary 2024
Examining authority report submitted July 2024
Examination timetable

The Secretary of State DEFRA then has six months in which to make a decision

Anglian Water is required to advertise that they have submitted the Application in local newspapers and the timetable is set be the Principal Inspector.

We will endeavour to keep this page updated if there are any significant changes to the timetable.

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What you can do now

The main process will start when the Planning Inspectorate accepts the application (28 days after submission). However, you can sign up for updates now.

Sign up for updates (now).

– Register as an Interested Party (once the application is accepted).

– Send in a Relevant Representation (once you are accepted as an Interested Party).

Full and clear constructions are on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.